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Capital Labs

A new era in startup funding

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Empowering Investors

Innovation in science is launched by new tools, more often than by new concepts. Historically, investing in innovative ventures has been monopolised by venture capitalists, sophisticated & angel investors. As a result, raising money to fuel growth has been a huge burden in the quest to create innovation. This is all about to change…

Introducing Capital Labs, a dedicated equity crowdfunding investment platform bringing together investors and life science innovators to help fund the technologies of tomorrow.

Globally, equity crowdfunding is fast becoming a leading source of funds for startups, and if trends continue, it could surpass the traditional venture capital industry by 2020. Operating more like a ‘digital capital raise’ or a ‘mini-IPO’, equity crowdfunding democratises venture investment by enabling retail investors to actively invest in the companies they believe in.

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Part of The iQ Group Global, we are a team of dedicated experts with skills that span more than just your usual crowdfunder…

Our team includes life science experts, scientists and of course accountants and investment specialists so we understand not only the financial side of the investment opportunity, but we also understand biotech and how these innovations could change 
the world.

Who Is
Capital Labs?
Why Invest in
Life Sciences?

Your investment could change the world. Biotechnology has an estimated double-digit growth rate and is seen as one of the most attractive of the fast-growing industries.

Mega trends such as population growth, increasing life expectancy, urban sprawl and inactive lifestyles are all impacting our longevity and quality of life and driving healthcare expenditures up. At Capital Labs we enable the daring. We understand what it takes to discover new therapies, that’s why it’s our mission to help the daring build legendary companies that will discover these.

First to market biotech and life science equity crowdfunding platform
Invest in the biotech innovations of tomorrow, today
Invest in ground floor startups that are working to free the world of disease
Shareholder value through potential future exit opportunities and funding pathways
Presents objective valuations as price is set by the market
Why Equity
Part of
The iQ Group Global

Capital Labs is part of The iQ Group Global, an organisation comprising multiple companies that provide services to the life sciences industry.

We are a hybrid enterprise that brings investment banking and life sciences together, on a global scale. We are passionate about making an impact on human health, and providing investors with new opportunities to be empowered by investing in the companies and innovations, they want.

“Tomorrow’s challenge is to create new medicines that may prevent incurable diseases.
Today’s challenge is to get to tomorrow.”
Dr George Syrmalis – CEO and Founder, The iQ Group Global
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